1. All characters must be original work and must have a complete biography. When applying to the simm the Command Staff will determine the acceptability of the character based off the application. This will also determine your starting rank.

2. Characters are not permitted from the list below

*Non-Humanoid Races (big rock creatures, Tribbles, etc.)
* Q, Iconians, Dowd
* Androids
* Borg in the Collective
* Shapeshifters
* Jem-Hadar still in the Dominion
* Vorta still in the Dominion
* Suliban
* Species 8472
* Augments/Angosians/Genetically engineered individuals (in Starfleet/Marine positions only)
* Races from non-Star Trek continuities

3. Custom races are permitted, but a detailed description of the culture and abilities is required and acceptance character is at the discretion of the sim’s Command Staff

4. All members of the simm are required to post three times a month. While higher posting rates are strongly encouraged, no member will be penalized if they meet the requirements. Tags need to be replied to within 2-3 days if you cannot reply please use Discord to alert the other players in the post so they know what is going on.

5. Leave of Absence (LOA): When sending your requests, please use the #loa-crew channel in Discord to announce your leave; the Command Staff will update your account. This will also be used to let us know of your return. Requests must indicate when the player expects to return.

6. Players may earn strikes/warnings due to inactivity, or other professional conduct violations. Strikes/Warnings stay on record for a period of six months. Players will be noticed in advance before a strike is issued. All players removed from the simm for negative reasons will be placed on a 90 ban before they are able to re-apply to the simm.

7. Character Pics are encouraged but must be of a tasteful manner. No nudity, overly sexual, or nasty images will be permitted; acceptability will be at the discretion of Command Staff; unsuitable images will be removed without warning. The Nogura allows 1 (one) image per active character or npc that you play. Deleted, removed, or inactive characters will have their images removed.