“Your life tells the story of which forces control you!” ~ Sheila L. Jackson

Welcome to the Nogura, a Star Trek simulation set in the year 2395, and under the command of Commodore Neil Harrington. On the Nogura, we focus on a darker side of Star Trek, here things aren’t all rainbows and butterflies. On this simm, we have to ask ourselves, what if? Here our characters have faults and those faults help drive our story. Our simm is not mission driven, but character development driven, and that character development fuels our storyline.

Stalwart Guardians, we defend the ideals of the Federation; "universal liberty, rights, and equality, and to share our knowledge and resources in peaceful cooperation and space exploration." With missions and openings for nearly all levels of expertise we welcome all players; skilled and novice alike. So, feel free to take a look around our site and see if something interests you. If you have a question, please use our Contact Us Page; we’d love to talk with you.

Commodore Neil Harrington
Commanding Officer, USS Nogura

Current Mission: Keep Thy Enemies Closer

“The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself.”~ Thales

Awoken by a violent shift in sub-space, the crew is alerted to a high concentration of chroniton-tachyon emissions as an energy wave envelopes the ship once again. It is clear the Carlson Nebula is not finished with the crew of the Nogura. Before the crew has a chance to react, the energy readings are gone. With all scans showing things returning to normal Harrington orders several probes to be left behind and preps his report to Star Fleet. Harrington's only goal is to get out of the Nebula and not subject the crew to its strange devices.

But things are not as they seem and it would appear someone, somewhere is trying to reach the Nogura. Things go from strange to worse, when the ship receives a distress call from an Alternate Reality, a Mirror Universe. Someone is not what they seem, and is operating on a Nogura, hiding in plain sight. One of their own has been kidnapped, but to where and why? With little to go on, the Nogura must race against the clock to solve a mystery spanning two universes.

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Now Open!
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Assistant Chief Intel Officer
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Assistant Chief of Flight Control
Assistant Chief of Science
..and many more
Have an idea for a character not listed? Contact us and let us know your idea!

Latest News Items

» 4 Years, Already?

Posted on 01/13/2019 @ 6:17pm by Commodore Cornelius Harrington III in General News

Hay all,

Time for some good news!

I don't get to do these that often, so when it does happen it's a big deal for me. This simm started in November of 2014, with only a handful of players. Not long after we started an old friend of mine joined, and she's been with us going on 4 years now. So on the 4th anniversary of her joining this game, I hereby award the Gold Merit Ribbon to Char (Lieutenant Junipyr Danae) for her 4 years of service to the game; with a few different characters over the years.

I would also like to take the opportunity to recognize the work that she's put in over the last several months; both in the game and out of the game. I personally know that 2018 was a challenging year, and despite it all, she stuck with it and has been a great help to me. Some time back, when things got really challenging she made the decision to step down from a Chief role to focus on real life. Along with that choice she also gave up her rank of Lieutenant Commander.

In recognition of her work and her determination I am happy to reinstate her previous rank of Lt Commander. Please join me in giving a hearty congrats to Lt Commander Danae on her 4 years of service to the game and her "new"..."old" rank?


» Awards and Achievements

Posted on 01/04/2019 @ 11:09pm by Commodore Cornelius Harrington III in General News

Greetings Players,

Ok, odd intro I know, but it's late. So I have been up all night, or 10 pm, whatever sounds better creating and refreshing our awards page. Once you visit the page, you will note that there are two major updates. First off, however, why don't I give you the link?

Link: http://st-civilwar.utopia-host.com/index.php/sim/awards

Now to the changes:

1) Nogura Achievements

These achievements are specific to the USS Nogura and can be earned by any player. Some of the achievements are specific to a mission, others are sub-plot related, and others can be earned at any point. These achievements are a way of recognizing the efforts of our players and encouraging their creativity. For the most part, these achievements are player tracked. This means if you feel you have earned one email the Commanding Officer with details related to the achievement and your request will be reviewed. I will try to keep up on this as best as possible on my own as well, but a "gentle" reminder doesn't hurt either.

I won't list all the achievements here, but at the moment we have 15 with room for many more later down the road. I am very excited and think these will add a new layer of fun to the game, as well as give our the players some goals to achieve while you progress on.

2) Obsidian Fleet Awards

Our Fleet has many awards as you all are aware of. Recently our Awards Department retired some awards, added some new awards, and cleaned things up. So the majority of the update here was to bring things in line with the fleet. Feel free to poke around the page and see what's new.

Finally, I want to take a moment to remind everyone that while the Command Staff tries to do a good job at giving out awards, you as players can use the site to nominate anyone here for an award as well. Once you have signed in go to this link (http://st-civilwar.utopia-host.com/index.php/user/nominate) and fire off a few nominations for us to review. Typically if they are reasonable they will be approved.


» Holiday Respite

Posted on 12/12/2018 @ 10:02am by Commodore Cornelius Harrington III in General News

Good Morning Peeps,

As I am sure some of you saw in discord, I have suspended posting regs through the end of the year. You don't need to worry about this game over Christmas.

Now that the good bits over, just a reminder that with 2019 we have a fresh new year, new missions, and more adventures. The Command Staff will be looking at activity, and ensuring that all members are active and involved (a minimum of 2 substantial posts a month) in 2019. As always, if you have any questions just ask you all know how to reach me.

Now go out make memories, and have fun with your family and friends. Happy Holidays to all, and a very Merry Christmas

Cmdre Harrington

» Test

Posted on 10/01/2018 @ 2:56pm by Commodore Cornelius Harrington III in General News


» Test

Posted on 10/01/2018 @ 2:56pm by Commodore Cornelius Harrington III in General News


Latest Mission Posts

» Briefings By Dawn's Early Light

Mission: Keep Thy Enemies Closer
Posted on 02/13/2019 @ 7:18pm by Commodore Cornelius Harrington III & Commander Seklar & Lieutenant Commander Junipyr Danae & Lieutenant Obav th'Villos & Lieutenant Sha'nae Ba'au & Lieutenant Liam Reynolds & Lieutenant JG Dmitri Moon IV & Lieutenant JG Sara'draphia T'eseri


Neil took a deep breath, this wasn't going to be one of those meetings. This wasn't a time to share ideas and openly talk. He'd spent the last few minutes with Star Fleet and while it wasn't a long conversation, it was long enough for Star Fleet to make…

» Interrogations

Mission: Keep Thy Enemies Closer
Posted on 02/11/2019 @ 4:37pm by Lieutenant Commander Junipyr Danae & Commander Seklar

Junipyr paused inside the door of the XO's quarters having seen the Commander from sickbay to his quarters. She watched two of her officers sweep the mans rooms to ensure there were no more stimulants. She dismissed the officers and let the door close behind her. "Commander, I will be…

» Cleaning, the Engineer's way

Mission: Keep Thy Enemies Closer
Posted on 02/04/2019 @ 2:03am by Lieutenant Sha'nae Ba'au & Commodore Cornelius Harrington III


Shae had locked herself in the science lab. She had ignored everyone and made sure everything she was doing was recorded. Sure, the Commodore had said for her to use whoever she needed but she had a gut feeling on this, that said top many hands would muck it…

» Late Night Snack

Mission: Keep Thy Enemies Closer
Posted on 02/03/2019 @ 2:12pm by Commodore Cornelius Harrington III & Commander Seklar & Lieutenant Commander Junipyr Danae & Lieutenant Sha'nae Ba'au & Lieutenant Liam Reynolds & Lieutenant JG Sara'draphia T'eseri


Neil made his way through the ship, as he attempted to figure out a space to relax. He couldn't go home, not yet, and his Ready Room was out of the question. Too many people stopped by there, and the bridge wasn't exactly away from duty. Somehow, or another,…

» To Infinity....

Mission: Keep Thy Enemies Closer
Posted on 01/30/2019 @ 2:00pm by Lieutenant Liam Reynolds & Commander Seklar


"I still hate this station," Biggs groused. "Its a FAY-FAY duh PEE-yen,"
"its a FAY-FAY duh PEE-yen," Draxx laughed saying it with him.

"Yes it is," he smoothed down his new cloak winking at an orion girl as they walked towards the bar no doubt his friend would also…

Latest Personal Logs

» Dear Diary

Posted on 12/18/2018 @ 4:29am by Lieutenant Sha'nae Ba'au

Have you ever had a dream so vivid that it haunts you? I have that now. I cannot close my eyes without seeing the image of a young child, an infant really, in the arms of a cardassian female. And the face of this child, holds no cardassian features. I…

» Of all the stupidity...

Posted on 06/24/2018 @ 1:41pm by Lieutenant Tyrion Faye

"Computer insert startdate..."

Tyrion sat at his desk, his daughter bouncing happily on his lap. He smiled as he held Danya to him, watching her try to grab her reflection in the monitor.

"We've arrived on the Nogura a few days ago but now the ship's in deep trouble. We've…

» Lost contact

Posted on 05/03/2018 @ 6:32am by Lieutenant JG Sara'draphia T'eseri

==Personal Log - Lieutenant JG Sara’draphia ==T'eseri
==Stardate - 71268.4 (8 April 2394)
==Location - Prolla 5 Colony

begin personal log, Lieutenant JG Sara'draphia T'eseri, medical officer, Federation Outpost Prolla 5.

I have completed my survey of the Lake. It is a good source of fresh water.

I have lost…

» Tensions and Observations

Posted on 04/30/2018 @ 1:25pm by Lieutenant JG Sara'draphia T'eseri

==Personal Log - Lieutenant JG Sara’draphia ==T'eseri
==Stardate - 71237.1 (28 March 2394)
==Location - Prolla 5 Colony

begin personal log, Lieutenant JG Sara'draphia T'eseri, medical officer, Federation Outpost Prolla 5.

I continue to be fascinated by these Federation species. They have been able to advance their civilisation from only…

» New XO Says Hello

Posted on 05/30/2017 @ 11:00am by

Read with me and we will see!

That rhymed didn't it? It was lame, wasn't it? YES!

But I got your attention. I just wanted to introduce myself and also let you know my rough plan as your new XO. First, my name is Chris and you can find me…